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A Magical Time of the year!

So what makes this time of the year so “Magical”? Its Christmas eve and I’m more tired than magical. My Wife works in retail and she isn’t feeling so magical either. People are being rude and wondering why the store does not have this item or that item any longer. They have gotten mad at my wife because she can’t just run into the back and pull out one that doesn’t exist. They leave the store throwing insults out like a ninja throws razor sharp stars.

Leaving the store the other day and I had pulled out into the “Suicide Lane” and was trying to get over. There was a SUV coming and there was nothing in the far Right lane however instead of pulling over into the lane so I could pull out. This lady just kept chatting on her phone. I saw this as she passed me. I thought to myself,We can’t be courteous to each other if we are too busy in our own worlds. After all isn’t that supposed to be a part of Christmas. That we stop our busy lives long enough to think about others? That would be magical

People seem to care less for others than we did just a few years ago. I remember when I was growing up it seemed like to me people were more willing to take time to help each other. Maybe it was just my perception but then again I guess we were not as worried about someone cutting our throat for a few dollars. I can remember helping people put the items in their car’s. Taking just a few moments to help out.

We used to say thank you and God Bless when someone did take out the time to help us. Now we still say thank you but its geared more toward not hurting me and taking my stuff. We are just more worried about others motives than their acts. Easy to understand people just don’t seem to do things out of the kindness of their hearts anymore. There is this over lingering expectation that now that I have done for you, you owe me.

I don’t know about you but really that is not what I want my children to be like. I want then to want to help others. I don’t want them just worrying about themselves. I spent to many years doing that and was very empty inside because of it. That’s the real tragedy. Today we are just empty. We don’t feel connected anymore. It’s what our children see and they think that’s how they are supposed to be.

So what’s makes this time of the year so Magical? It’s us changing our attitude towards others. Its us teaching our children how to put others first. It’s us living in peace with good will toward all man. Now its up to us to make that happen. Will you?


Tis The Season

I received a phone call the other day from the School. It was one of those announcement calls that they send out when they are going on break or some other kind of information they think you should be aware of. One of the Last things said was have a Good winter Holiday. I thought there for a moment, Winter Holiday, its not Winter Holiday its Christmas. Of course I had to think about why the change. When I was growing up and going to school, we said Merry Christmas to everyone. I remember running down the streets and people wishing a Merry Christmas to each other. Not one person I ever remember hollered out “Happy Winter Break” in fact had they I would have stopped dead in my tracks and wondered how this alien made it to earth without someone knowing about it.

The thought of Winter holiday would not rest in me. I am a Christian American Male. I was born and raised in this country. This country that used to believe in one Nation under God. We used to Say Christmas and not worry if we had just offended someone. We were not really all that “Politically Correct” back then nor did we worry about such nonsense. We were a Proud Nation. However somewhere along the way that all has been lost. In fact we have even lost Christmas.

We started not wanting to hurt others feelings so we started to become “Politically Correct”. No longer was an “Airline Stewardess” a Stewardess, she was now a “Flight Attendant” I personally have never seen the difference. It became a way of life. We tip toed around everyone making sure as not to “Offend” them. We were told that prayer in school is not allowed anymore. Now we should instead observe a “Quiet” time. No longer in the Country where we are “One Nation under God” can we even practice our right to Freedom of Religion and pray to our God at school. We as a nation have been so worried about others feelings and beliefs that we have trampled all over the Christians feelings. Not worrying if we Secluded those who are professed Christians. As long as we don’t hurt anyone elses feelings.

Earlier I had stated that we were a Proud Country. Proud of our heritage. Proud to be know as Christians. Proud to Celebrate Christ. The Core of Christmas is in fact the spirit of Giving that Christ has. I am not talking about some kind of cheap over priced gift that has seem to become more meaningful than the actual holiday. I’m talking about Love. Giving to those who have nothing, while not wanting or expecting anything in return. Feeding the hungry, giving clothes, money, and most importantly hope. Hope that things will get better. Faith that our fellow man won’t leave us to fade like a snowflake under a flame. It was about helping each other. It was about making sure no one went without. It was not about making sure we had the latest hi tech toy. Or that our children have the top of the line clothes. It is supposed to be about Giving as Christ Gave to us. Unconditionally, and Freely.

We today have corrupted our selves and our children. We have gotten so far away from the true meaning and now have entered what I would call the Merchants illusion. We have allowed media and retail stores to tell us what we are supposed to be doing. How we are supposed to make sure we get the latest and greatest at such an unbelievable price. We now have created a new low in humanity and we call it Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving. A time when the Merchants take their overly priced items, that we have allowed the media to convince us we need, and mark it down to what it should actually be selling for so that a few “Lucky” people will get the chance to get the limited amount they have it stock. People have begun fighting, shooting, and even Pepper Spraying to get these “Rare Valuable Commodities”.

What are we doing? I would ask, have we lost our minds? But the answer is to obvious. We are teaching our children that its more important that “I” get rather than “I” give. We have allowed these tycoons to take away that what was once sacred and pure. We have allowed them to change us from a people of giving to savages. We have turned our backs to the real reason we celebrate to begin with. To give freely as God has given to us. To let those less fortunate know that they matter. To include everyone.

Its time we stop this madness and get back to the root of what life is supposed to be about. Not a “Season”. We are supposed to be celebrating Christmas all year. We should always be eager to help someone who is less fortunate. We should be giving our time and efforts to make sure those around us are being taken care of. We need to give back instead of hording for ourselves. We need to teach our children how to do the same. Because whether you believe in God, Allah, or the Fatted Calf, we need to be making sure we are moving in a direction that will allow our children to grow with a sense of security. Knowing that a sacrifice is so worth the massive return that is obtained from such a selfless act.

So this Christmas as you watch your children destroy the paper that covers that “Oh so eloquent” gift. Think about taking some time afterwords to teach them what Christmas is really about. And how about next year you decide to make sure that someone who doesn’t have receives. Allow your children to understand what real Joy is. Happiness only last a few moments but Joy will last a life time. Its time we quit robbing our children and time to start really giving to them.

May God bless you and yours this Christmas and New Year. May we as a community learn to bring back the Joy of Christmas for all. And may it last through out the year and not be limited to a Season. After all this is the most wonderful time of the year.


Recently an event happened in my family that changed the dynamics of it. My Oldest Daughter moved out to go and live with her boyfriend. Obviously things had to change at home. One of the changes was the chores. No longer did we have four people to do the chores now its only 3. Dinner Proportions don’t need to be as much as we had. Children arguing with each other has halted. Now Mom and Dad automatically know who did it. A extra room in the house that must be filled with something. Furniture rearranged to accommodate the bedroom that had to be filled which is now an office.

Of course before we could make it an office we had to strip wallpaper (remnants from the owners before) Plug holes in the walls, Sand, Paint, and cleaning all had to be done. Then you have to figure out the layout of the room. Where desk will sit, printers, file cabinets, and etc. Shutting down of home networks to move servers and computers into their new home. Rerunning network cables to connect computers back to the network / internet. Then adjusting to the new order of the house.

All of this is done to fill the void that was once occupied. While the office will create more room, especially in a congested bedroom, The void is still very noticeable. We look forward to our children growing up and moving out on their own creating their own family’s when they are at home living with us. Then something profoundly devastating happens. They do it. Not only are the family dynamics changed so is your life changed.

You hope that you taught them all the things they will need. Of course you hope that they actually listened. You pray that they will be ok. And you hope and pray and hope more that they do not make the same mistakes as you made while at the same time not to make worse ones either. Hoping they will keep in touch either by calling or texting. That you will be able to see them on holidays. Trying your best not to “interfere” in their lives.

Christmas is just around the corner. Kids got out of school for a 3 week vacation. Our oldest will celebrate Christmas with us this Tuesday. Christmas is Sunday. And While I look forward to the youngest one ripping open her gifts and I look forward to going to church on Christmas day. I know its not going to be the same and because of that I loath the idea of it coming. Not the idea of Christmas just the idea that it will not be the same. The void will be there unmistakable, and undeniable. Now we must learn to accept the changes that have been layed upon us. To fill the void by reorganizing our lives. To accept the things we cannot control.

A new way of learning

Today when we need information all we have to do is find the forum. Forums have become the new support system for many products. Companies benefit from the customers that are willing to help others.  Let’s not forget the friendships that are formed from the forums.

I am a member of a few forums. Most of them are dealing with some sort of technology. I have accounts with Fedora for the laptop, Android Forums for my HTC EVO.  This one I practically live at. So when we need information we find a forum. Why you may ask ,and the answer to that is simple. We get answers quicker and generally more accurate than from the Company’s own support team.

Ofcourse companies benefit by having “free”technical service by allowing users to help users. This should help save the company thousands. Most of the time you can get your questions answered in a quicker response time than going through all the company channels.

When you help someone or guide them to the people that they should be talking to they seem to very appreciative and generally remember you when they come back. I personally have built up some friendships that I hope to continue through out the remainder of our lives.

So next time some gadget gets you in a bind remember to check for a forum.