A new way of learning

Today when we need information all we have to do is find the forum. Forums have become the new support system for many products. Companies benefit from the customers that are willing to help others.  Let’s not forget the friendships that are formed from the forums.

I am a member of a few forums. Most of them are dealing with some sort of technology. I have accounts with Fedora for the laptop, Android Forums for my HTC EVO.  This one I practically live at. So when we need information we find a forum. Why you may ask ,and the answer to that is simple. We get answers quicker and generally more accurate than from the Company’s own support team.

Ofcourse companies benefit by having “free”technical service by allowing users to help users. This should help save the company thousands. Most of the time you can get your questions answered in a quicker response time than going through all the company channels.

When you help someone or guide them to the people that they should be talking to they seem to very appreciative and generally remember you when they come back. I personally have built up some friendships that I hope to continue through out the remainder of our lives.

So next time some gadget gets you in a bind remember to check for a forum.


About argedion

I am a member of the Android Forums (androidforums.com) I enjoy Technology, Music, The Outdoors, and just general fun. I enjoying sharing things so be prepared to go on a roller coaster :)

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