A Magical Time of the year!

So what makes this time of the year so “Magical”? Its Christmas eve and I’m more tired than magical. My Wife works in retail and she isn’t feeling so magical either. People are being rude and wondering why the store does not have this item or that item any longer. They have gotten mad at my wife because she can’t just run into the back and pull out one that doesn’t exist. They leave the store throwing insults out like a ninja throws razor sharp stars.

Leaving the store the other day and I had pulled out into the “Suicide Lane” and was trying to get over. There was a SUV coming and there was nothing in the far Right lane however instead of pulling over into the lane so I could pull out. This lady just kept chatting on her phone. I saw this as she passed me. I thought to myself,We can’t be courteous to each other if we are too busy in our own worlds. After all isn’t that supposed to be a part of Christmas. That we stop our busy lives long enough to think about others? That would be magical

People seem to care less for others than we did just a few years ago. I remember when I was growing up it seemed like to me people were more willing to take time to help each other. Maybe it was just my perception but then again I guess we were not as worried about someone cutting our throat for a few dollars. I can remember helping people put the items in their car’s. Taking just a few moments to help out.

We used to say thank you and God Bless when someone did take out the time to help us. Now we still say thank you but its geared more toward not hurting me and taking my stuff. We are just more worried about others motives than their acts. Easy to understand people just don’t seem to do things out of the kindness of their hearts anymore. There is this over lingering expectation that now that I have done for you, you owe me.

I don’t know about you but really that is not what I want my children to be like. I want then to want to help others. I don’t want them just worrying about themselves. I spent to many years doing that and was very empty inside because of it. That’s the real tragedy. Today we are just empty. We don’t feel connected anymore. It’s what our children see and they think that’s how they are supposed to be.

So what’s makes this time of the year so Magical? It’s us changing our attitude towards others. Its us teaching our children how to put others first. It’s us living in peace with good will toward all man. Now its up to us to make that happen. Will you?


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I am a member of the Android Forums (androidforums.com) I enjoy Technology, Music, The Outdoors, and just general fun. I enjoying sharing things so be prepared to go on a roller coaster :)

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  1. I have made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier and lose this weight I have accummulated from a life of over-endulgence. I still do eat cookies, and stuff, just not the whole box! LOL I am choosing to follow my spiritual path to enlightenment, through following a techy into cyberspace so I can maybe enlighten others to find the Light for their lives!

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