How you liking it so far?

Well it’s a bit over two weeks in the New Year. How are you doing on your Resolution? Is the year turning out how you expected? What plans do you hope fruition?


Seems like every year I ask myself these questions. Well almost I don’t have resolutions. I just simply don’t believe in them. Why wait to do something I need to do now? I do have hopes and plans for the year as I am assuming all of you do as well.


So how is it going thus far? Can you say that you are as excited about the “new” as you were two weeks ago? Or has the excitement started to dissipate. I can say for me I never really got that excited to begin with. However that is not a negative thing. I believe I have maintained if not even excelled some of the excitement I came into the New year with. Why? Well its simple I put my expectations into reasonable, graspable things. First I just want to be able to help people in the ways that I can. And I have done that. Second I want to grow even further in my relationship with God. I feel this is a never ending task so as long as I am pursuing I am successful. And after all what is Success? I’ve heard it defined as “Outlasting your Critics” I’ve also heard it as “Being able to see what you have achieved” however I feel those are wrong I believe success is defined by the levels where content meets comfort. This means that if I am content and comfortable with the state I am in then I am successful.


I have also sat down this year and started thinking of some personal goals I would like to achieve not resolutions but goals that I can strive for to better myself and my family and hopefully those around me. I have a few ideas that I am wanting to run with. One is to keep this page going. I really want to share my knowledge, Wisdom, and maybe my soul a little.


Remember Life is what we make it. If we want to have a good life then that is a choice we will have to make. Keep in mind that until you have reached content and comfort you have not reached success. Enjoy what life gives you and keep in touch I’m sure it’s going to be an interesting year.


About argedion

I am a member of the Android Forums ( I enjoy Technology, Music, The Outdoors, and just general fun. I enjoying sharing things so be prepared to go on a roller coaster :)

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