Monthly Archives: February 2013

My Artwork

Ok first I’m no artist and could’t draw a stick man properly. I wanted to just have a place to show off some of my ink and figured my blog was as good a place as any :p

Ok so here we go

First this was done by Ken Knight about 20 years ago



next is a peice done by a friend of Kens who was watching his shop while he went to a wedding. Sorry I can’t remember her name she deserves credit for her work



This next one is my first one by my current artist. Brian Chun who is at Kens Knights Tattoo Shop



The last one for now is one also done by Brian Chun



I do have one of the pink pather which is my first proffesional tattoo however I have no pics of it and with it being as faded as it is I would rather get it touched up before getting any pictures of it posted. That was done in Savannah Georgia and unfortunately Alcohol dictates that I don’t remember where or with whom the work was done.


What am I up to Now

Howdy friends been a few weeks but I’m back 🙂 I ended up getting rid of PC-BSD and going back to Fedora 17 and now with it I’m running Sabayon 11. I am getting ready to do some more ink. I have a Floyd theme going on for a half sleeve that I have hopes of being just kick ass awesome. I have been really looking forward to getting this and can’t wait to get it started. I will be getting it done by my artist at Ken Knights Tattoo Shop. I look forward to having Brian work on me again.

In other news I have been just really staying busy with work and been contemplating on going to school again. Not sure if I’m ready but I know I won’t make it very far where I work so education is my best shot.

I also have switch phone carriers and now am with verizon wireless. I got my phone from them but the battery life sucks so I’m going to order a new one as soon as I have the money to pay the difference right now the latest will be thursday. Still have my old EVO LTE and will probably do some playing on it. Maybe get it set up as a media player. Do some stuff with adb or sell the thing. Well thats going to do it for this edition stay tuned more will come as I get the fever to do so.