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Getting a Different Truck

While getting a new car or in this case truck can be exciting it can also be sad. My old truck which is newer than the new to me truck has taken a turn for the worse. To fix it would cost me as much as I paid for it to begin with. The new to me truck cost $900 more than the price to fix the old. The reason I decided to go with the new to me truck is because it has less than half the miles my old truck has. It has over three hundred thousand miles on it. The new to me truck has only one hundred and thirty thousand miles. The truck is a 93 where my old one was a 97 so a few years difference but nothing to drastic. It’s a red truck. Red is ok not as nice as a blue truck but better than the old gray truck which I had. The new to me truck doesn’t have power steering but does have an AC which down here in south Georgia is a big bonus. Being a small truck it really doesn’t need power steering anyways.


I’ve had the truck a few days and need to do some small minor stuff like get the radio working. I only drive a couple of miles to work so not like I have time to listen to a song anyways. I still have to get a legal tag for it but that will happen soon enough. I have already gotten my umbrella rack in there and my travel companion (a stuffed frog). The truck is a bit faded but being a 93 it should be I guess. The driver side door handle is broke but is supposed to get replaced soon. I sprayed the remaining part with some lubricant so it wont be so hard to open and its working much better now. The interior is nice and clean very little interior damage just the driver door grab handle is ripped up a bit but the rest of the interior is in great shape.

I pray that this truck will last me longer than the other one did. I also pray that it doesn’t have rare or hard to replace parts on it as I really can’t afford it. Oh well I guess that’s going to do it for this issue of my blog stay tuned for the next.




The Beginning of my Sleeve

Growing up I was always fascinated by those who had tattoo’s. Not sure why but it just seemed to be a cool thing to do and have. When I got old enough I started to get my own. I wasn’t some Jail bound criminal. No, I had a job and managed my own affairs quite well. I got a few then stopped for a while then I began again about 3 years ago. I did several on my own and they look like someone who without proper training did them on their own. Now the professional ones I’ve been getting here as of late are a thing of beauty. I have decided that I want to do a Pink Floyd tribute and do a half sleeve for now in nothing but Pink Floyd Images. Yesterday started that journey and I got Part 1 done by Brian Chun. The tattoo is of the cow from the album Atom Heart Mother. This is one of my favorite Floyd pieces and a great way to start my sleeve.



He has done such a great job with this that I am so looking forward to the next piece. I’m not sure what he is going to do next as I am giving him free range of choosing from the images that I gave him. He chose the cow first. This was the first cow he has ever done and we both must say it’s awesome. My Wife whom is going to be having surgery next week has to wait on getting her tattoo done(non Pink Floyd) but even she likes the cow. The Images Collected range from a number of years of the band’s history. I’m just not big enough to do all of their history but wanted to grab those defining moments that made them one of Musics Premier Bands.

My goal is to have this finished by the end of the year. However money will dictate how close I reach that goal. As I write this my truck has a major issue and will cost me six hundred dollars to repair or fifteen hundred to replace. I’ve decided to replace it as it has over 300 thousand miles on it. So over the next six weeks I’ll have to pay for this New to me truck. So Brian will have some time to draw out the next piece. I do thank him for his incredible work. I look forward to posting the next picture of this hopefully within about 2 to 3 months.

If you are ever in StMarys Georiga and want some fresh ink I suggest you go to Ken Knights Tattoo Shop and tell those guys that I sent ya cause they are the Best. Well until the next time this is the frog signing out.