Getting a Different Truck

While getting a new car or in this case truck can be exciting it can also be sad. My old truck which is newer than the new to me truck has taken a turn for the worse. To fix it would cost me as much as I paid for it to begin with. The new to me truck cost $900 more than the price to fix the old. The reason I decided to go with the new to me truck is because it has less than half the miles my old truck has. It has over three hundred thousand miles on it. The new to me truck has only one hundred and thirty thousand miles. The truck is a 93 where my old one was a 97 so a few years difference but nothing to drastic. It’s a red truck. Red is ok not as nice as a blue truck but better than the old gray truck which I had. The new to me truck doesn’t have power steering but does have an AC which down here in south Georgia is a big bonus. Being a small truck it really doesn’t need power steering anyways.


I’ve had the truck a few days and need to do some small minor stuff like get the radio working. I only drive a couple of miles to work so not like I have time to listen to a song anyways. I still have to get a legal tag for it but that will happen soon enough. I have already gotten my umbrella rack in there and my travel companion (a stuffed frog). The truck is a bit faded but being a 93 it should be I guess. The driver side door handle is broke but is supposed to get replaced soon. I sprayed the remaining part with some lubricant so it wont be so hard to open and its working much better now. The interior is nice and clean very little interior damage just the driver door grab handle is ripped up a bit but the rest of the interior is in great shape.

I pray that this truck will last me longer than the other one did. I also pray that it doesn’t have rare or hard to replace parts on it as I really can’t afford it. Oh well I guess that’s going to do it for this issue of my blog stay tuned for the next.




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