Monthly Archives: January 2014

Getting Settled

The move went well. I got here safely. Now comes the part of getting settled in. I still have stuff boxed up but have managed to find a temporary home for most of the stuff. I have seen a few old friends that I had when I lived here before and its been great. I took a walk around the Quarter Saturday. It was very hard to remember where things are since its been the better part of ten years since I’ve been down there.  It was however some what how I remembered it. The city still has area’s that have not been fixed since Katrina which is going on its ninth anniversary. Its really been an emotional week. Remembering places that used to be around and seeing nothing but the empty building or lot where the building use to be.

Mom is doing ok she always complains of being in pain though and that bothers me 😦 She is however happy I am here. I have quite a bit left to do but will just take things one day at a time. I am having mixed feelings about being here though to be quite honest. I am happy to be here to help my Mom and to hopefully give her hope. Her surgery is going to be postponed until probably March or April. She still needs to see the cardiologist to release her for surgery and that wont be until the end of either this month or next month.

I still miss my puppies very much. It is very hard to think of them and to wonder if they are doing good. Of all the stuff I gave away to make this move its the puppies that hurt me the most. They were my happiness while I was on my own. While its always nice to feel that they have been adopted to a good home its still the total unknowing that drives you a little bit insane. Daisy and Dakota were the best dogs I have ever had. I would be sick to find out that they were not being treated well. If you are a praying person please just pray that they are doing good. That they are being treated good and that they are happy with their new home.

I still have to find some kind of work. I am thinking at the moment I just want something part time so that I can still be around here most of the time to help out. Mom does have someone who comes in and helps out but really its just not the same as me being able to do it and to make sure that everything is going to be ok.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and just plain kind words. May God bless you and your family this New Year.