App of the Week

I am hoping to do a review of an app every week. The apps Will be for Android Phones. I do not own an iPhone so I wont be reviewing apps for those specifically.

This weeks Feature App:

App Name: Airdroid

Developer: Sand Studio

Web Site:


Airdroid is a wireless file transfer program. It has the ability to gather your Contacts, Messages, Show you your Battery Life all in Your Web browser on your Computer. I have found that using the program more and more has really saved me from having to mess with cords and all that stuff. I turn it on and do my thing. When you turn on airdroid you will turn it on your phone first by tapping the icon.

In your web browser type in the ip address it tells you and then you will see the login screen. The program has a new password for each session. This is the typical look for the login screen.

After a Successful login you will be presented with the main page. At which you can choose Operations that you wish to do. Now there are some limitations but this is still a beta program and still has a few things to work out. I personally haven’t run into any issues with the program but I’m sure there are a few. I wrote the developer and made a few request so we will see how that goes.

Main Page:

The main page is a simple layout One that Ubuntu users and Gnome users will kind of recognize. Not sure if this was done on purpose or not but I do know for a Web page it works pretty well for a desktop well I love my Gnome but really hate the new look.

Pro’s: The think I like about this program is that I don’t have to worry about having my cord plugged into the computer all the time just to copy a few files back and forth. Also Like the fact that it is fairly simple to use. I love that it gives you a nice neat looking display with quick access to all the important stuff you want to access.  It is accessed from your web browser so its OS independent. This makes it nice for those of us who use alternatives to the Normal “Windows”. It has been fairly quick with transfers for me.

Cons” It’s wireless meaning its only as secure as your wireless router security. If you have none your stuff is vulnerable. It doesn’t offer easy backup for the different modules or a single click backup for all modules. Along with the no back up is no restore either. It gives limited details and none about the Phones ROM or KERNEL. It does give a decent memory display in the details section but only with your sdcard data and not the phone data. Also another downfall is you need wireless to be able to use it. If you don’t have access to a wireless router the program will not be of much use.

DetailsThere are plans to show the device picture as you can see from the image.  I really like that it breaks things down for you on the sdcard i would like to see this extended to the phone memory as well.

Overall Airdroid is a very friendly and easy to use. I like the fact that I could go over to my parents or a friends house and download pictures or music to them without having to need my cable with me. Unlike My PhoneExplorer which only works with Windows. The potential of programs like this has no limitation.

Market Rating: 4.8

My Rating 4.5

  1. awesome write up. i just downloaded this app. i have not had a chance to play with it yet. i will post later on my experience with it.

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