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Getting Settled

The move went well. I got here safely. Now comes the part of getting settled in. I still have stuff boxed up but have managed to find a temporary home for most of the stuff. I have seen a few old friends that I had when I lived here before and its been great. I took a walk around the Quarter Saturday. It was very hard to remember where things are since its been the better part of ten years since I’ve been down there.  It was however some what how I remembered it. The city still has area’s that have not been fixed since Katrina which is going on its ninth anniversary. Its really been an emotional week. Remembering places that used to be around and seeing nothing but the empty building or lot where the building use to be.

Mom is doing ok she always complains of being in pain though and that bothers me 😦 She is however happy I am here. I have quite a bit left to do but will just take things one day at a time. I am having mixed feelings about being here though to be quite honest. I am happy to be here to help my Mom and to hopefully give her hope. Her surgery is going to be postponed until probably March or April. She still needs to see the cardiologist to release her for surgery and that wont be until the end of either this month or next month.

I still miss my puppies very much. It is very hard to think of them and to wonder if they are doing good. Of all the stuff I gave away to make this move its the puppies that hurt me the most. They were my happiness while I was on my own. While its always nice to feel that they have been adopted to a good home its still the total unknowing that drives you a little bit insane. Daisy and Dakota were the best dogs I have ever had. I would be sick to find out that they were not being treated well. If you are a praying person please just pray that they are doing good. That they are being treated good and that they are happy with their new home.

I still have to find some kind of work. I am thinking at the moment I just want something part time so that I can still be around here most of the time to help out. Mom does have someone who comes in and helps out but really its just not the same as me being able to do it and to make sure that everything is going to be ok.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and just plain kind words. May God bless you and your family this New Year.


The Moving Experience.

Getting ready to move has proven to be a lot of work. I have just about depleted all my furniture, dishes, and other household Items. My Mom’s house is already fully furnished. Its been very hard to watch everything I own go to someone else. I mean its staying in the family but still its just hard. Packing things has proven to be difficult as well. I have so much stuff that I must condense down to a full size pickup truck load. Somethings needed throwing out while others I hated to get rid of. The only furniture I am keeping is my Bed the rest of the stuff is just that my stuff. Electronics, clothes, and miscellaneous items.

I still haven’t found a new home for my puppies either. I do have some inquiry’s about them so I am hoping today is the day. I actually had someone take one of the dogs but they brought it back in less than 24 hours said it wasn’t working out. Really what kind of chance did you give the dog. People like that really irritate me. Dogs need a few weeks to adjust to the new environment not a f’ing day.

I have today and tomorrow off of work do to the holidays. This gives me time to finish everything before Thursday. I have just a little bit of stuff left in my bedroom. I will work on clearing it out today. I will just set up my mattress in the Living Room where all my other stuff is packed in boxes. My goal today is to completely empty the upstairs and have it swept and moped so that I have nothing else to do upstairs.

Its been an emotional time to. Reminiscing when you see an  item that was given to you by someone that left you is hard. I have had a very rough time dealing with all the emotional stuff. And of course having to give away my 2 best friends has not been an easy thing to deal with either. Then there is the emotions of leaving a good job to go into the unknown. While I don’t have the best pay in the world I do have great benefits and really don’t have that hard of a job. I am also dealing with the emotions of leaving home. My Dad and Stepmom are here and they have been such a help with getting the apartment empty. I am really going to miss them and the few friends I have. Even though I have lived in New Orleans before this time its going to be much different. Katrina has changed the city and I’m not sure what to fully expect when I get there. So many emotions going on its hard to stay focused at time.

I still have to load the truck and travel to New Orleans and then unload the truck and have the awesome privilege of finding a place for all my stuff. I’m also still dealing with my wife leaving me. Its getting easier and easier to deal with as time goes on but there are the moments that are like WTF did she do this? It doesn’t really matter now though as I am moving forward into a new chapter in my life.

I am doing my best to keep my chin up and to be happy with myself. However packing and preparing to move has been both physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.

Thank you all for sharing in this part of my life and for being supportive. It really means a lot when you know you have people pulling for you and praying for you. God Bless you all and I hope the New Year brings you much happiness.

So now its over with.

Well again Christmas has come and gone. Everyone is sporting something new. All the Christmas glee will soon fall down and things will be back to normal until next September when they do it all again. This year with out the family it just didn’t feel like Christmas. I tried to really even ignore the fact that it was Christmas. Something I found not so hard for me to do. I am really glad its over with now and I can move forward.

Speaking of moving I will be leaving St’Marys Georgia on the 2nd of January. I am riding over there with a friend of mine. He is moving over to Odessa Texas for a job he got. So its really not out of his way to run me by New Orleans. I am looking forward to going but dread the moving part. I have to pack and I just can’t seem to find the motivation to do so. I am usually the first one to pack and get everything ready so this is a bit surprising. But there again I’m leaving everything behind so its not like I’m packing a Uhaul or anything of that nature. I’m just taking my electronics and my cloths that’s it. I guess that’s why I’m having so much trouble getting motivated. Leaving all the memories this furniture has. I mean I’ve had it for the past 8 years and now I will part with it to start all over. The only furniture I am taking is my bed , computer chair, and hopefully my grill.

My Mom ended up spending Christmas in the hospital again this year. Poor lady can’t catch a break when it comes around Christmas it seems. Last year she was in the hospital for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. She should be released soon and be back home in time for the First. I really hope when I move over there she will take some much needed rest and just learn to relax I doubt she will but one can still hope 🙂

So this started out being about how Christmas is over and ended up being about me and my mom again. Oh well its my blog so my rules 😛 So are you glad that the holidays are over with? What is it you look forward to now that its over with? Me I look forward to the change that is about to take place in my life. I look forward to opening new and scary doors. I don’t know I just have a good feeling about this underneath all these nerves lol. Its still hard to leave my Dad and StepMom but they understand and wish me the best.

A Tough Decision.

I’ve for months been pondering a tough decision about what to do about my mother. Her health is failing and she is scheduled for surgery after the new year. Looking at what is the most feasible thing to do I have decided that I will move to New Orleans to be where I can take care of my Mom. I will be leaving behind a Good Job, some Good Friends, and Family. I will be going into the unknown and it is both exciting and scary at the same time.  As of this writing it is still unclear exactly how I am getting there but there will be a way. I will make my move sometime by mid January.

I lived in New Orleans before and not very far from where I’ll be living when I get there. I feel like there are a lot of opportunities for me there and I also feel I’m more ready to accept them. I grasp this opportunity with a smile on my face. I do not expect it to be easy as nothing worth ever getting is. I just have a good feeling about it.

I will miss everyone I am parting ways with. For some of us we have been through a lot and others well we at least have shared a laugh. My Dad and my Step mom I will miss the most. It’s nice having your family in the same town with you. I will certainly miss coming over to visit with them. God has blessed me with so many people whom care for me. Friends, Church Family, and Others. I will miss my co-workers. They have been my work family for the last 6 years. They have worked beside me, we have laughed together, we got things done. We get crap from everyone and take it and move on. I can only hope to get half as good as a work family as I will be leaving. I give you all my Respect.

God has a funny way of doing things and I have to admit I don’t always like his methods. I love his results but the methods hmm. I take him with me and hope you keep him with you. No matter how good or bad your life is going we all need to look up and be thankful. Someone always has it worse and sometimes even better.

The worst thing about this whole move is that no matter how it goes I am going to loose two of the most important members of my family. Dakota and Daisy My dogs. The landlord is against me bringing them so I have to give them up to a good home. Dakota is a malteese and Daisy is a Papyon. They are both loving animals and they have loved me unconditionally for the past few years that I have had them.

I do look forward to seeing some familiar face’s and places though. Getting to eat my favorite foods in the world. And least we forget one of the biggest party’s in the world the Mardi Gras. All and all the History is what I really look forward to.

Being both excited and scared I can say that I’m keeping a positive attitude about it all. Yes I’m very sad I will be loosing my two best friends but I just feel God has a purpose for this and its really just up to me to let go so that I can get what he has planned which is probably so much more rewarding than anything I can think of.

Just remember when a truly tough decision comes your way to always take your time (when applicable) to make the best informed decision you can. Thank you all for sharing this part of my life with me. God Bless.

No Christmas Cheer

Since my wife left me and the kids are gone I just don’t have any Christmas cheer. I cannot get in to the mood to celebrate the birth of our Savior. I know I am depressed but I’ve been depressed before and still have gotten into the Christmas Spirit. I usually go out and enjoy the lights that people work so hard on preparing. I usually enjoy a good Christmas song especially the Little Drummer Boy but not this year. In fact I haven’t listened but to a few Christmas songs at all this year. I have not went out and bought gifts. I have no plans of doing so either. With the only exception being my Stepmom whom I will get a scented candle for. I hope she likes it.

Christmas used to be so fun and exciting now its just another day. I don’t know how long this will last for me but I do know that It will be a little bit I’m not sure what next Christmas holds if anything at all but as of right now I’m not even looking forward to it rearing its ugly head.

I will be celebrating with my Stepmom and Dad today. I do hope its an enjoyable day. It doesn’t have to be enjoyable because of Christmas just because its family and We should enjoy family all times of the year. Not having my own family this year has really drilled that into me. I just feel so empty and lonely with out them. It is what it is though and I will just continue to move forward. Not sure what all that means just yet but I know there is a brighter future out there if I’m willing to grab it. Right now at the moment though I’m not even ready to get dressed much less think about the future.

Christmas Cheer is just not there this year. I have no tree in the house and no gifts surrounding that tree. My Roommate put up Christmas Lights outside and that was a far as she got. Some of you have it better than me and some of you have it worse than me. I’m not on a pity pot just explaining how I feel this year. My first year with out my family and it really sucks. Yet a friend has it even worse than I do his Wife just passed away the other day only a few days before Christmas. My Condolences go out to him and his family and my God give them the strength to move forward with out their loved one.

So no matter what your circumstances are this year just remember Family is most important not the holiday not the gifts but the precious moments we have with them. We never know when we will not have them to enjoy our lives or even a part of our Life with us. Enjoy your Christmas if your one that is really in the spirit and can’t wait for it for the rest of us we’ll be around after the new year has approached us. God bless you all and be safe .

The Choatic Direction of Life

Since my last post my life has taken a dramatic change through a series of unfortunate events. My wife left me for another man and moved to Ohio. I’m still living in Georgia and working for the City. As of now I have a life decision to make and I’m not sure which direction I need to go. The pro’s and con’s of the decision I must make are about equal. I have no way of knowing what the right decision will be for me until after I make it and those are the ones that really suck the most. So in no particular order here are some of the things that have changed for me over the last six months.

1. My wife left me for another man – She took my daughter from me and really that’s what seems to hurt the most. Don’t get me wrong I miss my wife as well but apparently she didn’t want to stay with me. Idiotic decision if you ask me but hey I’m biased :p

2. I made the privilege and honor of being a Moderator at my favorite forums. Unfortunately because of my wife leaving and bills piling up I don’t get there as much as I would love to. Android Forums is the Best place for all your Android issues, quirks, and much needed info.

3. I had a girlfriend for about a month. – She was awesome I only wish I would have lasted longer and ended on a better note. Oh well it is what it is.

4. I got selected at work to work more lol 🙂 Seriously I was selected to go on call for the Sewer Lift Station Department. I have mixed feelings about this right now.

5. I lost my truck when my wife left. She ended up taking both vehicles and I guess the truck didn’t make it 😦

6. I got a roommate. – Still very undecided on how I feel about this. Its a young couple whom remind me of my kids.

7. I have a very important and life changing decision to make and have no clue of what I really want to do. I just know that someone will be hurt by the decision no matter how it plays out. 😦

8. Well there is no 8. Lord willing there will not be an 8.

I know there are people with a lot bigger list or more important list than mine but I shared anyways :p

I really wish there was some way to really express my emotional state at the moment but I’m really to cut and dry for all that. I’m not a popular person and most people only know what I tell them. It’s a shame that I haven’t become closer to some that I have crossed paths with. I’m sure however we all have that one in our closet. Being a loner most of my life and then having the privilege to get married and have kids around I loved it. Now I’m back to being by myself. Makes me question what it was all about.

Getting a Different Truck

While getting a new car or in this case truck can be exciting it can also be sad. My old truck which is newer than the new to me truck has taken a turn for the worse. To fix it would cost me as much as I paid for it to begin with. The new to me truck cost $900 more than the price to fix the old. The reason I decided to go with the new to me truck is because it has less than half the miles my old truck has. It has over three hundred thousand miles on it. The new to me truck has only one hundred and thirty thousand miles. The truck is a 93 where my old one was a 97 so a few years difference but nothing to drastic. It’s a red truck. Red is ok not as nice as a blue truck but better than the old gray truck which I had. The new to me truck doesn’t have power steering but does have an AC which down here in south Georgia is a big bonus. Being a small truck it really doesn’t need power steering anyways.


I’ve had the truck a few days and need to do some small minor stuff like get the radio working. I only drive a couple of miles to work so not like I have time to listen to a song anyways. I still have to get a legal tag for it but that will happen soon enough. I have already gotten my umbrella rack in there and my travel companion (a stuffed frog). The truck is a bit faded but being a 93 it should be I guess. The driver side door handle is broke but is supposed to get replaced soon. I sprayed the remaining part with some lubricant so it wont be so hard to open and its working much better now. The interior is nice and clean very little interior damage just the driver door grab handle is ripped up a bit but the rest of the interior is in great shape.

I pray that this truck will last me longer than the other one did. I also pray that it doesn’t have rare or hard to replace parts on it as I really can’t afford it. Oh well I guess that’s going to do it for this issue of my blog stay tuned for the next.



The Beginning of my Sleeve

Growing up I was always fascinated by those who had tattoo’s. Not sure why but it just seemed to be a cool thing to do and have. When I got old enough I started to get my own. I wasn’t some Jail bound criminal. No, I had a job and managed my own affairs quite well. I got a few then stopped for a while then I began again about 3 years ago. I did several on my own and they look like someone who without proper training did them on their own. Now the professional ones I’ve been getting here as of late are a thing of beauty. I have decided that I want to do a Pink Floyd tribute and do a half sleeve for now in nothing but Pink Floyd Images. Yesterday started that journey and I got Part 1 done by Brian Chun. The tattoo is of the cow from the album Atom Heart Mother. This is one of my favorite Floyd pieces and a great way to start my sleeve.



He has done such a great job with this that I am so looking forward to the next piece. I’m not sure what he is going to do next as I am giving him free range of choosing from the images that I gave him. He chose the cow first. This was the first cow he has ever done and we both must say it’s awesome. My Wife whom is going to be having surgery next week has to wait on getting her tattoo done(non Pink Floyd) but even she likes the cow. The Images Collected range from a number of years of the band’s history. I’m just not big enough to do all of their history but wanted to grab those defining moments that made them one of Musics Premier Bands.

My goal is to have this finished by the end of the year. However money will dictate how close I reach that goal. As I write this my truck has a major issue and will cost me six hundred dollars to repair or fifteen hundred to replace. I’ve decided to replace it as it has over 300 thousand miles on it. So over the next six weeks I’ll have to pay for this New to me truck. So Brian will have some time to draw out the next piece. I do thank him for his incredible work. I look forward to posting the next picture of this hopefully within about 2 to 3 months.

If you are ever in StMarys Georiga and want some fresh ink I suggest you go to Ken Knights Tattoo Shop and tell those guys that I sent ya cause they are the Best. Well until the next time this is the frog signing out.



My Artwork

Ok first I’m no artist and could’t draw a stick man properly. I wanted to just have a place to show off some of my ink and figured my blog was as good a place as any :p

Ok so here we go

First this was done by Ken Knight about 20 years ago



next is a peice done by a friend of Kens who was watching his shop while he went to a wedding. Sorry I can’t remember her name she deserves credit for her work



This next one is my first one by my current artist. Brian Chun who is at Kens Knights Tattoo Shop



The last one for now is one also done by Brian Chun



I do have one of the pink pather which is my first proffesional tattoo however I have no pics of it and with it being as faded as it is I would rather get it touched up before getting any pictures of it posted. That was done in Savannah Georgia and unfortunately Alcohol dictates that I don’t remember where or with whom the work was done.

What am I up to Now

Howdy friends been a few weeks but I’m back 🙂 I ended up getting rid of PC-BSD and going back to Fedora 17 and now with it I’m running Sabayon 11. I am getting ready to do some more ink. I have a Floyd theme going on for a half sleeve that I have hopes of being just kick ass awesome. I have been really looking forward to getting this and can’t wait to get it started. I will be getting it done by my artist at Ken Knights Tattoo Shop. I look forward to having Brian work on me again.

In other news I have been just really staying busy with work and been contemplating on going to school again. Not sure if I’m ready but I know I won’t make it very far where I work so education is my best shot.

I also have switch phone carriers and now am with verizon wireless. I got my phone from them but the battery life sucks so I’m going to order a new one as soon as I have the money to pay the difference right now the latest will be thursday. Still have my old EVO LTE and will probably do some playing on it. Maybe get it set up as a media player. Do some stuff with adb or sell the thing. Well thats going to do it for this edition stay tuned more will come as I get the fever to do so.