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No Christmas Cheer

Since my wife left me and the kids are gone I just don’t have any Christmas cheer. I cannot get in to the mood to celebrate the birth of our Savior. I know I am depressed but I’ve been depressed before and still have gotten into the Christmas Spirit. I usually go out and enjoy the lights that people work so hard on preparing. I usually enjoy a good Christmas song especially the Little Drummer Boy but not this year. In fact I haven’t listened but to a few Christmas songs at all this year. I have not went out and bought gifts. I have no plans of doing so either. With the only exception being my Stepmom whom I will get a scented candle for. I hope she likes it.

Christmas used to be so fun and exciting now its just another day. I don’t know how long this will last for me but I do know that It will be a little bit I’m not sure what next Christmas holds if anything at all but as of right now I’m not even looking forward to it rearing its ugly head.

I will be celebrating with my Stepmom and Dad today. I do hope its an enjoyable day. It doesn’t have to be enjoyable because of Christmas just because its family and We should enjoy family all times of the year. Not having my own family this year has really drilled that into me. I just feel so empty and lonely with out them. It is what it is though and I will just continue to move forward. Not sure what all that means just yet but I know there is a brighter future out there if I’m willing to grab it. Right now at the moment though I’m not even ready to get dressed much less think about the future.

Christmas Cheer is just not there this year. I have no tree in the house and no gifts surrounding that tree. My Roommate put up Christmas Lights outside and that was a far as she got. Some of you have it better than me and some of you have it worse than me. I’m not on a pity pot just explaining how I feel this year. My first year with out my family and it really sucks. Yet a friend has it even worse than I do his Wife just passed away the other day only a few days before Christmas. My Condolences go out to him and his family and my God give them the strength to move forward with out their loved one.

So no matter what your circumstances are this year just remember Family is most important not the holiday not the gifts but the precious moments we have with them. We never know when we will not have them to enjoy our lives or even a part of our Life with us. Enjoy your Christmas if your one that is really in the spirit and can’t wait for it for the rest of us we’ll be around after the new year has approached us. God bless you all and be safe .