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The Moving Experience.

Getting ready to move has proven to be a lot of work. I have just about depleted all my furniture, dishes, and other household Items. My Mom’s house is already fully furnished. Its been very hard to watch everything I own go to someone else. I mean its staying in the family but still its just hard. Packing things has proven to be difficult as well. I have so much stuff that I must condense down to a full size pickup truck load. Somethings needed throwing out while others I hated to get rid of. The only furniture I am keeping is my Bed the rest of the stuff is just that my stuff. Electronics, clothes, and miscellaneous items.

I still haven’t found a new home for my puppies either. I do have some inquiry’s about them so I am hoping today is the day. I actually had someone take one of the dogs but they brought it back in less than 24 hours said it wasn’t working out. Really what kind of chance did you give the dog. People like that really irritate me. Dogs need a few weeks to adjust to the new environment not a f’ing day.

I have today and tomorrow off of work do to the holidays. This gives me time to finish everything before Thursday. I have just a little bit of stuff left in my bedroom. I will work on clearing it out today. I will just set up my mattress in the Living Room where all my other stuff is packed in boxes. My goal today is to completely empty the upstairs and have it swept and moped so that I have nothing else to do upstairs.

Its been an emotional time to. Reminiscing when you see an  item that was given to you by someone that left you is hard. I have had a very rough time dealing with all the emotional stuff. And of course having to give away my 2 best friends has not been an easy thing to deal with either. Then there is the emotions of leaving a good job to go into the unknown. While I don’t have the best pay in the world I do have great benefits and really don’t have that hard of a job. I am also dealing with the emotions of leaving home. My Dad and Stepmom are here and they have been such a help with getting the apartment empty. I am really going to miss them and the few friends I have. Even though I have lived in New Orleans before this time its going to be much different. Katrina has changed the city and I’m not sure what to fully expect when I get there. So many emotions going on its hard to stay focused at time.

I still have to load the truck and travel to New Orleans and then unload the truck and have the awesome privilege of finding a place for all my stuff. I’m also still dealing with my wife leaving me. Its getting easier and easier to deal with as time goes on but there are the moments that are like WTF did she do this? It doesn’t really matter now though as I am moving forward into a new chapter in my life.

I am doing my best to keep my chin up and to be happy with myself. However packing and preparing to move has been both physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.

Thank you all for sharing in this part of my life and for being supportive. It really means a lot when you know you have people pulling for you and praying for you. God Bless you all and I hope the New Year brings you much happiness.


The Choatic Direction of Life

Since my last post my life has taken a dramatic change through a series of unfortunate events. My wife left me for another man and moved to Ohio. I’m still living in Georgia and working for the City. As of now I have a life decision to make and I’m not sure which direction I need to go. The pro’s and con’s of the decision I must make are about equal. I have no way of knowing what the right decision will be for me until after I make it and those are the ones that really suck the most. So in no particular order here are some of the things that have changed for me over the last six months.

1. My wife left me for another man – She took my daughter from me and really that’s what seems to hurt the most. Don’t get me wrong I miss my wife as well but apparently she didn’t want to stay with me. Idiotic decision if you ask me but hey I’m biased :p

2. I made the privilege and honor of being a Moderator at my favorite forums. Unfortunately because of my wife leaving and bills piling up I don’t get there as much as I would love to. Android Forums is the Best place for all your Android issues, quirks, and much needed info.

3. I had a girlfriend for about a month. – She was awesome I only wish I would have lasted longer and ended on a better note. Oh well it is what it is.

4. I got selected at work to work more lol 🙂 Seriously I was selected to go on call for the Sewer Lift Station Department. I have mixed feelings about this right now.

5. I lost my truck when my wife left. She ended up taking both vehicles and I guess the truck didn’t make it 😦

6. I got a roommate. – Still very undecided on how I feel about this. Its a young couple whom remind me of my kids.

7. I have a very important and life changing decision to make and have no clue of what I really want to do. I just know that someone will be hurt by the decision no matter how it plays out. 😦

8. Well there is no 8. Lord willing there will not be an 8.

I know there are people with a lot bigger list or more important list than mine but I shared anyways :p

I really wish there was some way to really express my emotional state at the moment but I’m really to cut and dry for all that. I’m not a popular person and most people only know what I tell them. It’s a shame that I haven’t become closer to some that I have crossed paths with. I’m sure however we all have that one in our closet. Being a loner most of my life and then having the privilege to get married and have kids around I loved it. Now I’m back to being by myself. Makes me question what it was all about.